Photo exhibition

«Landless»: Photo exhibition by Davide Vignati

1-20 October 2019 - Centro Pastorale San Giuseppe, via Cantonale 2a, Lugano
Inauguration: 1 October, 18:30

Opening hours, 14 - 18th October: 10 am - 5 pm   /   19-20th October: 10 am - 4 pm


Beside the rich cinematographic proposal, the sixth edition of the Lugano Human Rights Film Festival proposes a photographic exhibition, to give further space to the topic of rights, which here become an opportunity for reflection: LANDLESS, photographs by Davide Vignati, exhibited at the Pastoral Center of San Giuseppe, 1-20 October 2019.

The «Landless» project comes from the necessity of memory and witness. After almost fifteen years spent in areas of conflict and humanitarian crises, Davide Vignati begins a process of reorganization and review of an extensive personal photographic archive, that counts several thousand shots captured during his humanitarian activity.

The choice of pictures focuses on a defeated humanity, fleeing war, violence and poverty, without a land to stand on or return to. A journey through images of refugees, migrants and occupied people, but also armed groups, fighters, separatists and revolutionaries, at war for a land or homeland long claimed and never obtained.

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